Getting a reading with Karen was one of the smartest things I've done; she's very clear, professional, and detailed in her readings. There's no judgement or "absolutism" in her readings, she shows you all the information so that you can choose your pathway. Likewise, I found Karen to be of the highest ethical standards, and she takes her work very seriously. Her guidance was shockingly accurate and exceptionally helpful. I would recommend her to both family and friends of mine.


Highly recommend Karen - in fact I already have to at least 2 of my friends in the past week. I can't explain exactly how it works, but I can say how useful it is to have your reading sent to you in a written form so that you can absorb the information and then come back to it later to read it again. For me, my reading felt like a general health check-up in my Personal life, relationships, career, finances and spiritual life. This is pretty useful in itself, but I plan on getting another reading from Karen in the near-future to ask some bigger questions about my plans on improving this. My advice to anyone considering getting a reading: you don't have to be a 100% believer in Tarot to try this (& I still wouldn't say that I am) - but I can't get my head around how accurate this was for me. And because of how respectful and open Karen is when interpreting the cards, I at least 100% believe in her services and I will definitely be using her again.


Karen has such a great understanding of tarot. Her tarot readings are beautiful and personable in the way she is able to convey messages very clearly with the help of spirit. It was really insightful and has definitely helped me confirm a direction to start pursuing further, and now with a bit of confidence knowing that it is the right path too. I would highly recommend Karen, and look forward to further tarot readings from her in the future.


Karen is amazing! The reading she gave me far exceeded my expectations. Not only was it accurate, she backed it up with helpful summaries and explanations of what the cards mean, suitable for the layperson. Some of the insights blew me away as they related to challenges and opportunities I was currently facing. The reading was a timely guide towards some positive actions and I came away feeling very inspired and reassured. 


My reading with Karen gave me a boost of confidence and clarity to move forward with my career and personal goals. She was spot on with many of her comments and very warm and respectful in her wording. Karen is a gifted tarot reader and I would happily recommend her to others.


Karen, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful reading. I felt totally connected and inspired by your reading, and it has helped me explore some areas of my life that I hadn't before and be more in tune to those "bread crumbs". You are so genuine and authentic and I am so grateful to you for taking the time to share your amazing gift with me.


I had a pregnancy reading with Karen and with it being my first pregnancy there was a lot I was unsure on and nervous about. Her reading was amazing and really hit home in some areas which have made me feel more relaxed and open about the experience of pregnancy, birth and labour. I highly recommend a reading with Karen, especially for first time mums