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3 Card

Cost $75

Three card readings will provide you with a solid understanding of where the energies lie at present and can help you make decisions. Good for when you want a quick overview without too much detail.

Here’s some ideas that may help:

  • Stop/Start/Continue

  • Option 1/Option 2/Option 3

  • The problem/The cause/The solution

  • Current situation/Obstacle/Advice

  • Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice

  • You/Your current path/Your potential


5 Card

Cost $125

A five card reading gives you more depth and understanding. We will develop the spread specifically for you so that it is tailored to answer the questions you might have around a particular topic. The more specific the questions, the more information you’ll get through the reading. If you want detailed information on your question and a clear way forward, this would be the one for you.


Custom 6+ cards

Cost $175

Sometimes, five cards just aren’t enough! If you want a really thorough reading, covering many aspects and diving into a topic with real depth, then a longer reading would be the right one for you. We’ll develop a spread specifically for you based on your detailed questions. Alternatively we could look at the more complex readings like the Celtic Cross (10 cards) to give you a great understanding of all aspects of your life.

Career Spread

Monthly Focus Spread

Each month I focus on a different spread to give you an insight into what is possible with Tarot, and to bring to your attention spreads that might be relevant to you. This months spread is:

November 2019 - Career Spread

Cost $125

As we head towards the end of the year, we start looking forward to the year ahead. It’s often the time of year we start to question whether we are truly on a path that satisfies us. The Career Spread will help you to look at your current career in a new light so that you can think about your path going forward. The spread looks at:

  1. How does your current situation make you feel?

  2. What are your talents?

  3. What are your passions?

  4. How can you combine your talents and passion?

  5. What steps can you take to move forward?

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